Activities of the NBTA

Formed over 35 years ago, the National Bulk Tanker Association Inc. comprises member companies and organisations involved in the manufacture, storage and distribution of liquid bulk products. Our members have a strong involvement in the dangerous and hazardous good sector.

The NBTA meets on a quarterly basis to discuss issues of common interest with a particular focus on safety, environmental and professional matters as well as land transport reforms and business issues.

Safety, Environmental and Professional Issues

  • Safety in the industry

  • Accreditation programs

  • Emergency response equipment

  • Safety issues concerning vehicles and personnel

  • National Audits, rehabilitation and other OH & S issues

Land Transport Reforms

  • Dangerous Goods Regulations and their review,

  • National Road Transport Commission reports and the implications for members

  • Mass management and other "alternative compliance" schemes

  • LPG tanker routes

  • Dangerous Goods routes

Business Issues

  • Industrial Relations

  • Benchmarking and other performance related topics

  • Guest speakers on a range of topics