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The DG sector of the bulk tanker industry has lead the way with the uptake of electronic braking systems with roll stability systems (RSS). Despite the advancements in technology rollovers remain a major safety issue for the heavy vehicle industry. For too long the approach to solving the rollover problem has been reactionary, after a rollover event there is an investigation into why it happened, this is too late and we can do better.

Learning from near misses is an initiative of the NBTA under the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s (NHVR) Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative (HVSI) funding program supported by the Australian Government.

Measuring performance is fundamental to improve outcomes. The project objectives are:

  1. Increase the uptake and awareness of the benefits of RSS and data sharing
  2. Create an online system that is easily accessible to industry
  3. Share findings on near misses that be used by drivers and fleet managers to improve safety

Near miss theory suggests there are over 300 near misses or minor incidents before a serious injury or fatality occurs. By taking a proactive approach to using this data we generate the information required to identify strategies for improving safety, track trends and ultimately save lives.

Near miss theory (Herbert Heinrich, 1931)

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