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Bulk Tanker Day 2023 - Event partners and exhibitors

Bulk Tanker Day 2022 - 2nd September in Melbourne

Managing the speed of change

With over 200 attendees, Bulk Tanker Day 2022 was amongst the best we have ever held in the last 15th years. With representatives from over 30 operator companies along with 25 supplier organisations and 14 Government and regulatory agencies in the magnificent CMV Truck and Bus venue it was a great way to get out and get back together after recent years.

Presentations from the four sessions can be downloaded from our media page.

Looking ahead - the economic and technology outlook and implications
Managing safety - new technologies and how to measure performance
Managing people - mental and physical health, recruitment, retention and training Maximising productivity - PBS, route access, new designs and technology to deliver improved outcomes

BTD 2022 Photo Gallery

Bulk Tanker Day 2022 - exhibitors

Thanks go to our 23 exhibitors and partners at Bulk Tanker Day. They made the event and deserve your support.

Bulk Tanker Day 2021

The 14th Bulk Tanker Day and QFES site tour was a huge success. The 21 session videos, 9 presentations and many photos are below. This is unprecedented coverage of this day and allows each session and each speaker to be viewed separately.

Photos - 2021

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