Time for a scorecard and sharing of lessons on tanker safety

Investigation into DG tanker accidents

The NBTA seeks the support of CAP in sponsoring an investigation by MonashUniversity Accident Research Centre (MUARC) into the causal factors indangerous good accidents and the lessons that arise from these accidents.

In 2009 the NBTA signed a MOU with Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) to work together to achieve improved safety outcomes. One initiative was to hold an annual Bulk Tanker Day (see https://www.nbta.com.au/bulktankerday/) to highlight the opportunities for improvements in safety as well as productivity.

In 2012 the then Victorian Deputy Coroner was invited to presented a paper tothe Bulk Tanker Day (see https://www.nbta.com.au/events/bulktankerday2012/ ) on deaths resulting from dangerous goods tanker accidents. She concluded that typically 10 deaths occurred annually as a result of these accidents and she drew a number of lessons from the Coronial investigations.

Since that time the NBTA has been calling for more data to inform industry, regulators and policy makers on the performance of the sector. The “scorecard” has proven challenging to compile. The NBTA has undertaken its own investigation for the year to September 2016 and concluded that some 35 accidents around Australia resulted in the loss of 15 lives, most of which were the public.

THE NBTA has sought a proposal from MUARC to conduct research into recent DG tanker accidents and the causal factors as well as lessons and policy recommendations that emerge. The NBTA seeks CAP’s support for this important work so that issues that are beyond the mechanical condition of vehicles can receive more attention, and that an annual scorecard can be compiled and used to drive future improvements in the operation of dangerous goods tankers.

For more information contact:

Rob Perkins, Executive Director, National Bulk Tanker Association Inc.

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