NBTA Bulk Tanker Day 2017

NBTA Bulk Tanker Day 2017

Thursday 31st August at Sydney Motorsport Park (Eastern Creek)

Highlights for 2017:

  • NHVR briefing
  • Safety outcomes: human factors, incident debriefs
  • Technology demonstrations: cabin, braking and GPS reporting
  • Tanker scorecard and performance
  • Driver training and simulators
  • Maintenance classes
  • Emergency response exercise

With leading speakers from key agencies and expert talks this event will deliver on many levels.

Exhibition spaces are available but limited. Talk to Greg Rowe on 0407 825 132 or greg@nbta.com.au 

For further information on this and future emergency response conference's, contact Rob Perkins, Executive Director, National Bulk Tanker Association on robperkins@nbta.com.au or 0411 402 832