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Formed over 20 years ago, the National Bulk Tanker Association Inc. comprises member companies and organisations involved in the manufacture, storage and distribution of liquid bulk products. Our members have a strong involvement in the dangerous and hazardous good sector.

The NBTA meets on a quarterly basis to discuss issues of common interest with a particular focus on safety, environmental and professional matters as well as land transport reforms and business issues.

News and Current Issues (October 2015)

Lets have a national approach to tanker safety

At the conclusion of Bulk Tanker Day 2015, Justin Keast, Chairman of the NBTA called for a national approach to tanker safety. Below is the release the NBTA has made on this issue:

The National Bulk Tanker Association's annual Bulk Tanker Day on the 30th September drew more than 250 attendees to Sandown this year. It's a practical event with emergency response demonstrations as well as maintenance workshops and panel sessions and well supported by industry operators, suppliers and a number of jurisdictions. The panel sessions featured regulators and enforcement personnel from RMS NSW, EPA NSW as well as WorkSafe Victoria, the NTC and VicRoads. According to NBTA Chairman Justin Keast "there is no doubt that the working relationship between the NBTA and the fire agencies through AFAC, as well as with some of the east coast regulators is working very well. At this years conference we have started to see some interesting numbers in terms of incidents that can only help in the development of more evidenced based strategy, he said. However what we lack is information on incidents and the sharing of root cause analysis work that should be done and shared after dangerous goods incidents. No one agency seems to have data on the number of incidents let alone the capability to share the outcomes of these incidents. Without this sharing it becomes very difficult to share lessons and improve outcomes. It is time to have a serious discussion with responsible authorities around the data that is needed to lead this industry into a safer future," he said.

The day also highlighted the move by individual States to adopt positions on standards for vehicles that are not being picked up at the national level. Whilst this is within the rights of each jurisdiction, it will lead to increased costs and the risk that those States with lesser regulations receiving the cast off equipment from other jurisdictions.

"It is disappointing and frustrating that we don't have a national position on roll stability systems for tankers. The NBTA has publicly supported the introduction of these systems for over 4 years yet only NSW has acted to bring this about. We also now face the possibility of NSW enacting tanker testing that will again not be a national condition. If its not a national position it will add to the challenges of all jurisdictions, and also add cost to industry at a time where we want that focus to be on safety and not juggling different State driven schemes," said Mr Keast. The next twelve months will see a move to rework the existing Bulk Tanker Standard AS2809 and this could prove the opportunity to achieve the national outcomes that our industry seeks, said Mr Keast. Bulk Tanker Day will be held in September 2016 at Sandown and will also hold a Sydney event in 2016.

Bulk Tanker Day launched - 30th September at Sandown

Each year the NBTA along with AFAC and other partners put on a practical day to do with bulk road tankers. Demonstrations covering new technologies to improve safety and productivity, maintenance standards, regulatory issues as well as emergency response training are features of the day.

There is a lot to see and do and plenty to learn with a diverse audience of tanker operators, suppliers, enforcement personnel, regulators as well as emergency responders. To book your tickets either go direct to the "on-line ticketing page" or you can print and return Bulk Tanker Day enrolment form.

NBTA meeting - 14th May at Brisbane Truck Show

ARTSA and NBTA are again combining to hold a meeting at the Brisbane Truck Show on the opening day, Thursday 14th May from 3pm to 5.30pm with drinks to follow. The meeting is located on the Plaza level of the Truck Show venue in room P11.

This is always a popular meeting and you have to book to attend. There is no charge for members.

The meeting features:

  • CEO's of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and the National Transport Commission explaining their programs and also discussing issues including heavy vehicle inspection manual, accreditation schemes, recognition of professional modifiers, Codes of Practice, PBS tyres, replacement parts and more. They will also take questions from the audience
  • ARTSA issues: Braking advisory work, Technical and Maintenance Conference, Safety Conference outcomes, Vehicle registration data
  • NBTA issues: Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal, Roll Stability progress, Emergency Response training for Melbourne, Sandown Bulk Tanker Day, AS2809 issues
  • Tanker panel to discuss designs and new products

You need to book with robperkins@nbta.com.au to attend this meeting

Sydney meeting - 4th March at Kogarah Golf Club

Our next meeting is a very important one in Sydney. It will include a meeting with RMS and EPA NSW officials as well as a discussion on the current Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT) proceedings.

RMS are continuing their maintenance activities and we will have a report on their focus going forward as well as issues in the last 12 months.

EPA NSW will report on the roll stability issue and its progress as well as discuss the proposed review of tanker standard AS2809.

RSRT have also been invited to discuss progress on the current application by the TWU. This issue has reached an interesting stage and a number of members will discuss their companies views on this process.

Please ensure that your organisation is well represented at this meeting. As with last years Sydney meeting, it is a unique opportunity to interact with RMS and EPA NSW as well as RSRT and to show our commitment in this area.

We will also cover a number of other topics including training and SLP.

There is no charge to attend and companies can send more than one representative. We will finish with a sandwich lunch. To attend, you must email robperkins@nbta.com.au

General Meeting and AGM - 5th December

Date: Friday 5th December
Time: 12.30 sandwich for 1pm meeting, concluding 4pm
Location: Victorian Transport Association, Wirraway Drive, Fishermans Bend

This meeting includes the AGM and the plans for 2015. We will have presentations on the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal and the push by TWU for a tanker award. NBTA plans for 2015 will be discussed including involvement in the review of the tanker standards, NHVAS and maintenance review outcomes and more. To attend this important meeting and industry update, let me know on robperkins@nbta.com.au

Christmas Dinner - 7pm, Friday 5th December
Our NBTA Christmas Dinner for members and partners is being held at the Melbourne Town Hall in the old Council Chambers. Its our once a year social gathering and always a memorable event. Registration for dinner is easy - you can [book and pay on-line](https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/nbta-christmas-dinner-tickets-12891568027) or you can [download the rego form and send back to me.](http://www.nbta.com.au/pdf/nbta_christmas_invite_2014.pdf)